Meet Loren

“When the path reveals itself, follow it.”

~Cheryl Strayed.

Loren’s Story

Although Loren grew up as a dancer, high school cheerleader, school band musician surrounded by music and found the runner’s high at young age, she still experienced years of mind-body disconnection and numbness particularly after spending three years in law school and living a life of the mind.

In 2000, Loren found a physical practice quite by convenience as she was literally surrounded by a physical center and studios. She had moved to San Francisco, was challenged by both sedentary office life as well as running on hills in colder temperatures. What’s more is that Loren was still very much locked into the “monkey mind” phenomenon.

What began as a purely physical practice for Loren started very slowly and has grown most unexpectedly. Over the past 19 years, Loren has experienced and continues to open to transformative practice which has goes beyond the physical and mental layers and which practice she cannot live without.

Loren can still hear some of her early teachers in her head when she practices and laughs when she thinks of one who said: ” You need to get out of your head (and into your heart!)… “Do you push through everything…”

To this day, Loren maintains her regular physical practice with master teachers who keep her out of her head and in her heart as well as a eagle-eyed alignment teacher who keeps her physical practice honest. Loren also meditates in the most unusual settings, loves kirtan & chanting mantra and enjoys harmonium accompaniment.

Who is Loren?

Loren Altura is an E-RYT-500, YACEP who teaches Vinyasa as well as Restorative & Yin classes.

With over 1500 training hours, Loren continues to refine her understanding of functional anatomy. By continuing studying how yoga philosophy relates to and is an inherent part of the physical practice of yoga, Loren shares these concepts and metaphors with students. By focusing on precision, Loren creates a container where freedom can be found through focus. Whether the class title is yang or yin, in a yoga studio or in a corporate conference room, Loren adapts her teaching to the students in front of her, learns the names of students, practices patience and seeks to know their practice over time.

Each class that Loren teaches is different and each yoga experience is never the same. Just as we change from day to day, season to season, month to month and year after year, so does the yoga practice. Our practice can go from being very much the same, then change very slowly, particularly when we can let go of expectations of a shape, form or need to get somewhere. The yoga practice is often not linear and absolutely requires returning to foundation, deconstructing and moving toward a fuller more embodied practice.


I had the pleasure of finding my way to Loren’s teaching while I worked at Navitas. Every week I looked forward to her class and it was one of the best perks of the job. Loren has an incredibly deep understanding of the yoga practice and teachings, yet provides students of all levels an amazing and approachable class. Her classes are well-rounded, interesting, unique, and challenging, and somehow always exactly what you need. I’ve had many yoga teachers in the Bay Area, and Loren continues you to be one of my favorites.

Natalie Garland

“I had the pleasure of practicing with Loren at my office. She is a phenomenal teacher with a broad and deep knowledge of yoga both as a physical discipline and a spiritual one, as well as a truly lovely person. I greatly appreciated that no two lessons with Loren were the same. She consistently pushed me to explore my limits and build my strength, flexibility and focus. She provided really helpful feedback and corrections that allowed me to fine-tune my asanas. I would highly recommend Loren as an instructor.”

Amy M. Fox

I can’t say enough about how amazing Loren is as a yoga teacher! I’ve been doing yoga for years and had an opportunity to do a private lesson with her. My back had never felt better and more open after that session. I loved all of the individual attention and her gentle way to correct some of my bad habits I’ve formed with only group lessons. She is amazing at her practice and a wonderful teacher! I highly recommend!!!!

Traci Beckman Gearhart

I happened upon Loren Altura’s class one Sunday morning about 2 1/2 years ago at Embrace yoga.  I’d been in a few other classes and was still very much a beginner, but Loren’s class was a revelation.  Loren pays attention to each student and gives us the tools to develop a deep practice with proper alignment and form.  She makes adjustments so that we can learn the asanas  correctly.  Loren’s creative sequencing always keeps me on my toes and excited to deepen my practice.  I always learn something new.   Her knowledge of yogic philosophy along with her passion is always motivational. I also love how she weaves music and chanting into each class. She truly is my favorite teacher and has made me a yoga devotee.  I can’t say enough good things about Loren.  She is a wonderful yoga teacher. 

Barbara Peleg,