A big part of teaching yoga is being witness to transformation. This past week:


  1. On Sunday evening, a student reveals that she had significant back pain due other job. She said that in 2.5 months of coming to class, this is the first time that she did not experience back pain.
  2. On Monday evening, a student related that she was able to understand some of the poses better because of my sequencing that “made sense in her body.”
  3. On Tuesday morning, a student came up to me after class and said that her ankles and feet were stronger despite having pins in them. What’s more is that she said the only thing she changed in her life was starting and continuing with yoga practice.
  4. On Wednesday morning a student thanked me for “slowing him down” and feeling the practice. I interpret this to mean not just doing the practice.
  5. On Wednesday evening, I witnessed a football player find harmony, release and a big smile on his face after yoga practice.

Thankful for all these gifts students have been opening. They are my gifts of transformation as well.


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